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Black excellence comes in many forms, academics is one of many! Congratulation to the Class of 2023, you did it! All those hours of studying, completing projects and writing papers are finally being rewarded. Purchase a classic graduation kente stole and let us help you commemorate the special day. 


Each stole is carefully handwoven by skilled artisans down to the last stitch. Artisans use a rayon/cotton blend to ensure the stole's thickness and the vibrancy of its colours. Measuring at 4.5 inches x 72 inches long, the stole is the ideal size for graduates.

Native the to the Ashanti Region in Ghana, Kente Cloth has a long tradition of be worn for the most prestigious and royal occasions!

Details on both sides:

  • Base: Black
  • Stripes : Red, Yellow, Green
  • Symbol: Diamond of Wealth, Key of knowledge & Educational Column
  • Writing: Class of 2024