Ashanti Scholar


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With this plain canvas you have the freedom to design the stole you want. Simply take this plain stole to any local mall with an embroidery shop and have them customize it for you. This stole is great for any graduates who are need of a stole last minute!


Each stole is carefully handwoven by skilled artisans down to the last stitch. Artisans use a rayon/cotton blend to ensure the stole's thickness and the vibrancy of its colours. Measuring at 4.5 inches x 72 inches long, the stole is the ideal size for graduates.

Native the to the Ashanti Region in Ghana, Kente Cloth has a long tradition of be worn for the most prestigious and royal occasions!

Details on both sides:

  • Base: Black
  • Stripes : Red, Yellow, Green
  • Symbol: (empty)
  • Writing: (empty)